Man, I Love Living Here!

By Tommy Duff

From my perch, at my usual corner seat of the Clear Sky Café bar, I am struck with a triple-play of colliding events.

First off, it is Tuesday night which, at this time of year, means Dan is donating twenty percent of his food sales income to a worthwhile local charity. This week’s recipient is the Religious Community Services organization, a coalition of religious groups who have united to provide food to the many amongst us who have struggled to keep groceries in the pantry.

Secondly, as I read through the Tampa Bay Times, hoping to catch a glimpse of the world and local news, I see a related story about the lack of inventory on the shelves of all charitable food distribution groups. As we all know, times are tough! While the food pantries are struggling to stock up for the holidays, the lines of the needy are expanding like a Tampa Bay puffer fish… who triple their size when in peril.

Then as I turn the page, out falls the latest Publix flyer with this week’s offers and many Buy One Get One deals. Now, I had just been at my dear sister Ellen Marie’s. She insisted that I could not leave her house without taking along a jar of Skippy peanut butter. Seems that was one of the Publix BOGO offers. She didn’t really need two jars and didn’t want the second one taking up precious pantry space. Bam! BOGO! The new BOGO! Buy One Give One! How many times have I seen that BOGO flag on an item and thought, “nah I’ll never use that much”?

What If I keep that in mind throughout the year? The next time the Mail Carrier comes around for their “Can Drive”, I could rock. Instead of being embarrassed that I only have one or two items on hand, he may need a second pouch. Think about it. Enjoy your holidays and imagine the thought that there could be a few big “yum, yums!” on the lips of little tykes out there. And your Buy One Get One winds up to be a free serving of satisfaction. Man, I love living here!

Tommy Duff
“The Mayor”
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