Clearwater Marine Aquarium Report

Man, I Love Living Here!
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
By Tommy Duff

As I view our Clearwater Beach Area from my perch here on the west side of that salmon-colored tower of Island Estates know as “51”, I can breathe in an air of prosperity about to shine as sure and bright as our treasured sun.

Of course we all know the prospects of good fortune that swam to our shore with the “soon to be (even more) famous” Winter the dolphin. This is big folks. Already the buzz at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is at a level beyond expectations. Now that the film is “in the can”, Executive Director David Yates and his staff are on a fast track of expansion. They want to make great progress before the movie’s release, according to Krista Rosado, the CMA Marketing Manager. When the movie, Dolphin Tale, hits theaters this fall, our local hospitality and related businesses are sure to have a great influx of new and welcomed business.

Surly this can’t help but add to the popularity of this glorious community and give us all a front row seat in the scene where we return to economic normalcy. Did I mention more folks here, more business here, more jobs here, more renters here… and oh yeah- that it certainly can’t hurt our property values?

Luckily, we are not a “one dolphin” community. There are lots of bright sunrays on the horizon of our immediate future. I’ll be keeping a watch from my perch looking for some of the new, the unheralded, and the up-and-coming to share with you.

Now I’m off to walk the beach, which today means a stop for my favorite breakfast with “Dan the Man” at the Clear Sky Café.  Man, I Love Living Here!

Tommy Duff
“The Mayor”

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Thanks for the updates, Tommy, love’em!!

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