Jolley Trolley Report

Man, I Love Living Here!
Jolley Trolley Report
By Tommy Duff

From my perch aboard the Jolley Trolley, I’m headed in style and comfort from my Island Estates digs to enjoy an evening on our world class beach. Wow, how impressive this scenic and inviting ride to my destination is.

I‘ve surrendered my one whole one buck (that’s the old man’s fare) to Captain Ron who is at the helm today. His friendly greeting and banter presents the feeling of a chauffeur, not just to some bus stop, but rather it’s as if he‘s dropping me off in my backyard. With the tourists aboard, Ron is full of insider information and helpful directions delivered with his unique humor. Grand job, Ambassador Ron!

As lovely as the scene at the beach appears, it doesn’t just “happen”. On my usual early morning walks to the beach there is always the buzzing of crews from Kevin Dunbar’s Parks Department team. Led by the key Beach Walk over-seer, Mitch Moen, the streets are being swept, plantings being cared for, and the beach sand undergoes it’s daily raking. Oh, the things that folks leave behind!

But now all is in order and we are “looking good”! So inviting, in fact, that many of our visitors will become future homebuyers and investors. Some will move their families here and many times their extended families. They may relocate their businesses and create new jobs. Others will go back home telling of their good times and encouraging friends to make a visit to our paradise. They may even alert their company’s meeting and convention planners about their great experience and all we have to offer.

Well this is my stop. I’m off to the Sandpearl Resort for a stroll down past the pool to Tate’s Island Grill. Master of guitar Sal Belloist will be set up beachside to sing down the evening sun. There will be the traditional ringing of the sundown gong and, though tonight will be too summery to fully enjoy the warmth of the fire pit, there will still be the glow of camaraderie amongst the people who have gathered. Man, I Love Living Here!

Tommy Duff
“The Mayor”

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  1. Me and my Husband drove down to Clearwater Beach last night and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over North Clearwater Beach at the Palm Pavilion, listened to some groovin’ music by the “Go Daddies” and wrapped up the evening with a delicious meal at “Clear Sky Restaurant” with great service and good conversation with our “Mayor Duff”. Now we certainly know why “Mayor Duff loves living here”!

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