Special Teacher Appreciation Report

Man, I Love Living Here!
Special Teacher Appreciation Week Report
By Tommy Duff

From my perch, sitting crossed-legged here on the floor of Ms. Clarkson’s second-grade class at Belcher Elementary School, I can see I have a lot to learn. Deciding to share some time each month as a volunteer was a great idea and I know I’ll be the one who gets the
most out of the sessions. So far the biggest thing I’m learning is the amount of preparation
necessary for each day’s lessons. Then there is the amount of record keeping required in tracking each student’s progress. The school day may end for the students at a seemingly
early hour, but it certainly doesn’t for the staff. They wind up spending a tremendous amount of their own time ensuring that their students don’t know about budget cuts. On the way home many teachers find themselves stopping for unavailable supplies, the cost of which, of course, comes out of their own pocket. That is dedication.

There is a recent report out regarding this country’s return to the top in education. Atop the list is the need to raise the regard we have for  our teachers. It says we must also give them better support and recruit top level university students to fill the ranks. My short time as a volunteer has convinced me that it’s true. May 2nd through 6th is National Teacher Appreciation Week. What a great time to start. And it can start with you! Retired? Volunteer at your local school – you will love it. Own a business? Support a school project. Here is an important one… if you are a parent of a student, spend just a little more time each week at the kitchen table with their school work. And let us all go out of our way this coming week to make teachers aware that we think they are special!

Well, now I’ll try to get these legs uncrossed and stand up. I need to head to one of our great community libraries. There are a few new words I need to look up! Man, I love living here!

Tommy Duff
“The Mayor”
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  1. Joan Campbell says:

    (Sent you an email before I saw this comment section.)

    Loved this blog. Look forward to more!


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