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Man, I Love Living Here!

New Hooter’s Restaurant Report
By Tommy Duff

From my perch here at the new Hooters on the round-a-bout at Clearwater Beach, I clearly see the excitement of this marvelous setting. Did you know this is their 456th location and is only 7 miles and 29 years from the original Hooters? The furthest is 9,262 miles away in Rosehill, New South Wales, Australia. This newest unit will create 90 (or so) new jobs and a boost in the economy of the area. If that is average, I guess that means that, worldwide, Hooters provides 41,040 jobs and whole lot of chicken plucking! Good thing if you are in the plucking business, not so much if you’re a chicken.

Here are some other juicy tidbits worthy of note…

The parent company of the original Hooters is a “grand” supporter of our community. They are a strong force of support behind many local civic groups and charities. The formation of the group Pinellas Partners, which funds cancer research at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, is a result of their efforts, funding and continual support.

Brooke at Hooter's Clearwater Beach
Brooke at New Hooter’s on Clearwater Beach.

My servers at this opening celebration have been charming and quite interesting. First, I met Brooke. She happens to be a Clearwater native who is putting herself through St. Petersburg College where she is studying Biology. Next I encounter Michelle, they call her “Mich”, and she too is working hard to give great service while she carves out a secure future for herself. Having graduated from the University of Florida, she is now in Pharmacy school. Rounding out the service team tonight is a New Port Richey native, Niccole, who is studying in a pre-nursing program. Their service is “grand”, their smiles and appearance are magnificent, and their stories give me confidence in our future through our youth. My thoughts run to images of wishes for grandchildren of this caliber.

Many a youth has benefited from employment at the Hooters chain. I found there is whole list of former Hooters crew members who worked their way to fine careers. Their alumni runs a whole gamut of success stories. Doctors, lawyers, teachers even a clergyman or two. Some now have their own children following in their Hooters’ footsteps, working while pursuing their own studies.

The future of our beach is in view, as well. It might be the off season here, but the view is of a vibrant place. Families find their way to adventures on a path from the waters edge up past Pier 60, passing busy shops and restaurants along the way.

Very soon there will be even more places drawing tourists and their dollars that build the local economy, provide jobs and help to return value to our housing market. There is a new hotel, The Pier House 60, opening any day. Across the street from Hooters a specialty hamburger chain will be the first of its kind in this area. Talk is that soon a Mexican-themed eatery will grace the top of the Marina.

Yes, the future here is as bright as my servers’ smiles. Welcome to the beach, ladies. Thanks for joining the Clearwater Beach family, Hooters. Man, I Love Living Here!

Tommy Duff
“The Mayor”
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7 Responses to New Hooter’s Restaurant – Clearwater Beach

  1. Mary Harvey says:

    Great article TD….Love the new location and “The Lookout”…great place to watch the world go around and around:)

  2. Russell Latimer says:

    Great article! A lot of people do not realize how many young people pay there way through school working at Hooters and places like it. We ran into Ed at the new place the other night and the top floor is really great, I have been sending people there ever since. Great addition to Clearwater Beach.

  3. brooke nyhuis-salzberg says:

    Hey Tommy I love your blog! Thank you for the great words and for always stopping in to see us hooters girls :) your great and I hope to see you soon!

  4. Lisa Clarkson says:

    Thanks for the neighborhood update. Love your articles, Mayor!!! I particularly enjoyed the one about Teacher Appreciation!

  5. Marty Aho says:

    Great story, Tommy. Enjoyed drinking a couple Florida Ave Ales with you the other day at Hooters.

  6. Denny Stone says:


    Good article. Glad Hooters is finally on “OUR” beach!

  7. Hey Tommy,

    Nice article! I can’t wait to try the new Hooter’s!


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